Romance Movies Celebrating 2014 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming near and movies are all get ready to hit cinemas across the country this Friday. Some movies that we are familiar with are also coming back with a brand-new outlook one after another. Are there any shows that you expect to learn about? Now let’s see which ones are coming at us on this romantic day!

Adult world
Cast: Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, John Cusack, Armando Riesco, Shannon Woodward, Reed Birney
Director: Scott Coffey
Genres: Comedy, Drama

A floundering college graduate reluctantly takes a job at an upstate New York sex shop while pursuing an opportunity that could help to launch her career as a poet. Wide-eyed Amy (Emma Roberts) may have graduated from college, but lately life seems to be passing her by. An aspiring poet, she still lives with her parents, and longs for independence. In order to earn a paycheck, Amy goes to work at a local sex shop owned by a spirited older couple. With flamboyant transvestite Rubio and charming local boy Alex on staff, life around the store is rarely dull. Still, Amy can’t help but feeling like the future had something better in store for her, and sets out to land an apprenticeship with notoriously withdrawn writer Rat Billings (John Cusack). Meanwhile, inspiration seems to come from the last place Amy ever expected as her professional relationship with Alex takes a surprise turn toward the romantic. More synopsis would be clear on the release day.

Love is in the Air
Cast: Ludivine Sagnier, Nicolas Bedos, Jonathan Cohen
Director: Alexandre Castagnetti
Genres: Romantic Drama, Romance

The following is a love story. Three years after a messy break-up with jet-setting womanizer Antoine (Nicolas Bedos), pregnant Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) is engaged to be married when she boards a plane bound for Paris, and realizes she has been seated right next the man who shattered her heart into a million pieces. Over the course of the seven-hour flight, Julie and Antione reflect on their whirlwind romance and debate over exactly where it all went wrong.

Girl on a Bicycle
Cast: Vincenzo Amato, Louise Monot, Nora Tschirner, Paddy Considine
Director: Jeremy Leven
Genres: Comedy, Romance

An Italian tour-bus driver is tempted away from his German girlfriend by a French beauty on a bicycle in this warmhearted romantic comedy. Paolo (Vincenzo Amato) has just proposed to his longtime girlfriend Greta (Nora Tschirner) when the gorgeous Cécile (Louise Monot) catches his eye on the streets of Paris. Obsessed, Paolo attempts to meet Cecile in hopes that his imagination of what she is like will be offset by reality. In the process, however, Paolo ends up actually running into Cécile with his tour bus, breaking her arm and leg. A single mother, Cécile can’t care for her two young children due to her injuries, a revelation which prompts guilt-ridden Paolo to care for her as she recovers. As nursing Cécile back to health becomes a full-time job for Paolo, the smitten driver begins to lead a double life, hiding the relationship from the increasingly wary Greta. Before long, Paolo’s double life becomes too difficult to maintain, prompting him to make a decision between true love, and total infatuation.

Winter’s Tale
Director: Akiva Goldsman
Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

One night in early 20th-century New York, master thief Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) breaks into a Central Park mansion – and quickly has his heart stolen by its occupant, Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay). Unfortunately, their love is star-crossed; she is dying from consumption, and he is marked for death by his demonic former mentor, Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe). Peter battles the forces of time and darkness to save Beverly, even as Pearly does everything in his power to defeat Peter…

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Emotional Preparedness: What Young Adults Need to Know As They Embark on Their College Journey

Leaving home and going to college can be an exciting time that is full of possibilities, but for many it can be a rude awakening when the realty of being away from their home, family, and friends begins to set in. A recent survey for First Year College Experience found that many young adults are not emotionally prepared for college.

The high school experience is often looked at by many as time spent preparing students for college courses. While there is an intense amount of energy devoted to prepping for college by taking AP classes, studying for the SATs, and visiting college campuses, there is a big part missing, which is what type of adjustments in life there will be when being away at college. A recent survey from the Jordan Porco Foundation has discovered that 60 percent of young adults wished they had more help in being emotionally prepared for college and described their first year experience as being terrible/poor. Students who participated in the survey reported that they felt stressed most or all of the time, and also felt anxious and not being able to handle the stress of everyday college life.

The college experience can be misrepresented in the media with comedies such as Animal House, Van Wilder, Old School, and Neighbors, as a period with little responsibility. Many of the freshmen surveyed shared that they felt that social media, television, and movies had led them to think that college would be more fun than they actually experienced. Parents often tell their kids in their senior year of high school that college will be the best years of their lives, and can unknowingly idealize college, leaving their teens with high and possibly unrealistic expectations for succeeding as they leave home. To make a long story short, they had a big reality check.

So what is college actually like?

While the media portrays college as being a carefree fun learning experience with parties and friends, over half of the freshman college student’s survey reported what sounds like high school all over again, which is having a hard time making new friends and feeling a struggle to fit in and feel that they belong. It can be difficult for people to connect while at college if they came to college from out of state, or from a smaller community where they knew most of the people they went to school with from an early age. It sounds very similar to the metaphor of a little fish being dumped from their fishbowl into the sea, which can feel overwhelming. It’s human nature to like and be drawn to things that feel familiar and similar to what you had back home, and anything different can sometimes be exciting, but also scary at the same time.

How can young adults become emotionally prepared?

Being emotionally prepared for leaving home and going to college is something parents need to discuss with their kids. A part of developing emotional intelligence as a young adult requires learning and applying skills to manage and cope with stress. As teens enter their late teens in their junior and senior year of high school, they need a greater level of independence and responsibility in managing their school schedule, part-time job, and going out with friends. Parents can use their teen’s junior and senior year of high school to teach them important life skills such as how to manage their bank accounts, the connection between sleep and learning, and going to college with people from diverse backgrounds. This can be tricky for some parents not to minimize or dismiss their teen’s experience, who may not realize the importance of being emotionally prepared. Adolescence is the development stage of identity vs role confusion, which is the point in their life that they are developing a sense of who they are, which can often continue into college. Parents can communicate with their kid that they are there to support them and discuss possible stressors that may come up at college, which can help them feel more confident and emotionally prepared.

Adjusting to college and being emotionally prepared requires that young adults step out of their comfort zone and make new connections. As easy as it might be to hang out in their dorm room, spending time in student centers and commons can increase the chances of spontaneous interactions with people who understand what you’re going through. Research on developing healthy relationships and friendships found that spontaneous and repeated interactions help cultivate relationships that can help young adults manage their anxiety and stress by confiding in each other and sharing their experience.

Preparing for life after high school can be exciting and filled with optimism for anything that may be possible when young adults step into a larger world. Preparing for the next step in this journey can help them think about how they can handle stress, anxiety, and be emotionally prepared for the differences they find in their new home. Seeking support from people around them and getting assistance from a mental health professional such as a therapist can help many young adults learn how to deal with the multitude of issues that can come up. If you are planning to go to college or know of someone who is going to college in the near future, then take the time to talk about what it means to them personally to be emotionally prepared.

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